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Hip Joint Pain

Ask A Pro, Get Answers

Our most recent Ask A Pro question comes from Ann who has been having issues with her hip but can't seem to find the right solution to her pain.


Been treated incorrectly for some time now. My latest findings: right hip rotated anteriorly as well as out flared. Left hip hypomobile right hip is hypermobile, trying desperately to find the appropriate MET exercises that I can use to correct myself. My husband was taught how to mobilize but he doesn't do them very well or have time. Any links or ideas here?


I would say about 75+% of our patients come in with the same type of Pelvic Malalignment syndrome. Our treatment protocol calls for a lot of manual therapy work and MET is only one small portion of the correction process. But in your situation, i understand that insurance has run out and you are looking for something you can do on your own.

With your history of a miscrodisectomy and hysterectomy surgeries, it will create a disconnect between the transverse abdominus and multifidus muscles (core muscles). This must be addressed in your MET corrections.


  1. Right hip anterior rotations are usually balanced out with Hamstring and glut contractions
  2. Right Pelvic Outflares are usually balanced out with Hip adductor contractions


I usually like to combine the treatment of these two together by squeezing a ball (about the size of a volleyball) between your knees while doing a back bridging exercise ( laying on your back with knees up, push into your heels and lift bum up off the floor). This will activate your hip adductors as well as your gluts and hamstrings to help balance out the tight muscles that are pulling your right ilium anteriorly and outflare. Whilst doing this exercise, engage your core muscles by gently sucking in your belly button while doing a pelvic floor contraction (holding your pee). Its a lot to think about all at once. Do slowly, 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Tight muscles that are causing the rotation and outflare must also be addressed. Hip flexor and quad stretching as well as glut/bum stretching (avoid the figure 4 piriformis stretch in the case). Some complications that we usually see in your case are sacral torsions. The sacrum is a vital part of the pelvic malalignment syndrome and usually needs a practitioner to assess to see which direction it is in. The fix usually needs a combination of MET and Manual therapy.

Hopefully this helps to get you back on track Ann. Please let us know how things turn out.

Jonathan Sun BPE, CAT(C)

Certified Athletic Therapist. Connect with

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