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This blog is to help you Hockey enthusiast deal with one of the most common hockey injuries in the game--the groin pull. Thanks to Nathan for his question.


I just recently started to play hockey again and felt a sharp groin twinge during our 1st game into the season. I sat out and rested the next few games, but everytime I try to skate, it still feels like its strained. I’ve been stretching as much as possible but it still hurts. It doesn’t feel like I can skate as fast as I usually do without that sharp pain coming back. What do I do?


Chronic groin strain injuries are very common in hockey. Repetitive usage of the hip flexors and adductors can lead to their general wear and tear associated with being an active individual. Gentle light stretching of both muscle groups will allow for the tightness to diminish, but the fact that the injury continues to occur indicates that the problem could be due to a pelvic mal-alignment issue.

Whenever a muscle gets used a lot it has a tendency to shorten as it becomes stronger due to the force it must exert. This then affects the alignment of the pelvic bones due to their attachment to the bone, the end result to its mal-alignment, which allows the muscle to heal at a much slower rate. Through various mobilization techniques which help to restore proper alignment and movement of the bones, muscle releasing techniques, and a proper stretching/strengthening program, the Therapists at Evolution Sport Therapy will be able to determine which factors could be affecting your groin injury and get you back to playing hockey as quick as possible.

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