Concussion Testing
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What is a concussion?

A concussion is a disturbance in brain function caused by a direct or indirect force to the head. It results in a variety of nonspecific symptoms and often does not involve loss of consciousness. Concussion should be suspected in the presence of any one or more of the following: symptoms (such as headache), physical signs (such as unsteadiness), impaired brain function (e.g. confusion), abnormal behaviour.

What is baseline testing?

We will be using the Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 2(SCAT2) to do baseline testing. It is a series of neurocognitive tests to find individual athletes baseline level so that we have scores to compare with anytime we suspect the child of having a concussion or when the athlete is ready to return to play post concussion. The SCAT 2 test also contains the Maddocks questionnaire for sideline concussion assessment.

What is a concussion protocol?

A concussion protocol is a procedure to follow when integrating an athlete back to sport. While concussions are hard to prevent, what we can do is make sure the athlete does not return to early or unnecessarily sit out for too long post concussion. The concussion protocol allows us to use standardized testing that can be completed by any health care professional so that we can adequately test the athlete for a suspected concussion and take the appropriate actions.


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