Ankle & Knee Sprain

A sprain is an injury in a joint, caused by the ligament being stretched beyond its own capacity. A muscular tear caused in the same manner is referred to as a strain. In cases where either ligament or muscle tissue is torn, immobilization and surgical repair may be necessary. Sprains can occur in any joint but are most common in the ankle and wrist.

While acute injuries will always heal at there own pace. There are many things that can be done to speed up the process and minimize complications. The body follows a principal called SAID (specific adaptation to imposed demands) and therefore at the proliferation and maturation phases of the healing process specific exercises and movement patterns need to be introduced for the body to heal accordingly to the stress implemented so that athlete or patient can handle the rigors of sport post injury.


  • Swelling and inflammation of the joint
  • The joint hurts and may throb.
  • Pain can worsen when the sore area moves in certain direction.
  • Redness and warmth caused by increased blood flow to the area


Ankle & Knee sprains are a common injury we see at Evolution Sport Therapy. In order to effectively treat this issue we first need to identify the reason for the excessive and repetitive load on the tendon. In most cases the reason for the injury can simply be overuse, but in some cases like Achilles tendonitis on one leg and not both. The resulting injury can be caused from a pelvic misalignment where one leg has a functional leg length discrepancy and is shorter. This will cause the shorter leg to miss the heel strike portion of the gait and will overload the Achilles.

At Evolution Sport Therapy we are committed to finding the right treatment for your injury. Our Therapists will look at direct and indirect causes of your injury and build a customized treament on their assesment. This approach puts you on the fast track to healing and ensures that we've taken the necessary steps to prevent future occurrences of the same injury.

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