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Tailored Care

We specialize in one-on-one patient care that is tailored to best resolve your pain symptoms.


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We educate you on our assessment findings and outline the path to your pain management and recovery.


We do everything in our treatment repertoire to promote your rapid return to work and play.


Innovative Treatment

We use manual therapy, exercise and state of the art technology to address every facet of your injury.

Attentive Therapy

You deserve our undivided attention so our skilled therapists only treat one-on-one with no overlaps.



We use objective testing to ensure that our goals are reached. Your health and well-being take top priority.

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Rotator cuff pain and back pain are common issues that people have from sports injuries. Dr. Steven Mew (Chiropractor) and Jonathan Sun (Athletic Therapist) show you three treatments and three exercises to help stabilize your muscles.

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Q: We are heading into soccer season and I’ve been prone to spraining my right ankle at least once every couple of months. I’ve done the regular rehabilitation such as rest, ice, and compression to heal the ankle, but it always seems to sprain again a month or so later. Whenever I feel like my ankle is going to roll, the front side of my right hip also seems to be really stiff. It even seems like if I were to step on a small rock, my ankle will roll. Are my ankles really weak because I’ve sprained it so many times? Is there a relation between the stiffness in my hip and the weakness of my ankle?

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Watch and Learn!

In this video Dr. Steven Mew (Chiropractor) shows us how he uses Chiropractic techniques to treat the low back and hip. He also provides several helpful stretches and exercises for you to do at home to stabilize your muscles and speed up the healing process

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Ask A Pro, Get Answers

Q: I’ve been training the last 3 months for a half marathon coming up in Toronto, and I’ve been getting this sharp achy pain in the inside of my lower left leg--only when I run. A friend suggested I buy new runners and run on softer ground, but I am still experiencing the same pain. I really don’t want to miss out on this run. Is there anything I can do?

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Watch and Learn!

Follow these simple stretches and exercises to help reduce neck and shoulder pain. In this video Jessie Davis from Evolution Sport Therapy walks you through a typical athletic therapy treatment and shows you how to self-treat with stretches and exercises.

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Q:I just recently started to play hockey again and felt a sharp groin twinge during our 1st game into the season. I sat out and rested the next few games, but everytime I try to skate, it still feels like its strained. I’ve been stretching as much as possible but it still hurts. It doesn’t feel like I can skate as fast as I usually do without that sharp pain coming back. What do I do?

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Ask A Pro, Get Answers

Q: Been treated incorrectly for some time now. My latest findings: right hip rotated anteriorly as well as out flared. Left hip hypomobile right hip is hypermobile, trying desperately to find the appropriate MET exercises that I can use to correct myself. My husband was taught how to mobilize but he doesn't do them very well or have time. Any links or ideas here?

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Ask A Pro, Get Answers

Q: I started running outdoors again now that the weather has been better but I’ve been noticing that I’ve been experiencing a lot of pain on the outside part of my knee. The pain starts a couple minutes into my run and eventually gets worse the longer I run. I’ve been good at applying ice to the area, but it just always seems to come back everytime I run again. What is causing this pain?

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Top 3 most common Golf Injuries

Hip/Lower Back Pain

Hip and Lower back pain is one of the most common and debilitating injuries.Sacroiliac joint dysfunction is a commonly overlooked source of lower back problems. It can imitate symptoms of other common back injuries, or be a contributing factor to other spinal or extremity issues.

Cause: The repetitive one-sided rotational forces of the golf swing can quickly cause muscle imbalances around the lumbar and pelvis.These muscle imbalances and constant rotational forces can pull the pelvis out of alignment and cause insufficient or excessive movement of the two SI joints.SI joint pain will present itself in the lower back, just above the tailbone.Pain in this area can feel like a sharp pain with certain movements or dull constant ache around the area.

Knee Pain

The knees sustain a large amount of torque force and stress during the golf swing.These forces around the knee can lead to acute injuries of the ligaments or muscles as well as chronic degenerative injuries to the cartilage or tendons of the knee.

Cause: Other can degeneration, muscular imbalances around the knee can be a contributing factor to these types of injuries so it is important that a balanced stretch and strengthening program for the knee be done on a regular basis. If the pelvis is not mechanically sound, unnecessary forces can be transmitted to the knee during the golf swing causing pain. Another potential cause of knee pain could be poor mechanics in the feet. When playing a round of golf it is not uncommon to be walking 5-7km. Conditions like flat feet or pes planus can also cause excess stress in the knees. A proper fitting golf shoe is essential to keeping proper alignment of the knee and reduces chances of injury. If necessary, off the shelf or custom insoles may also help to alleviate knee pain.

Golfer’s Elbow

This is an overuse type of injury that can be felt at any time throughout the golf season, but is most often an issue with increased frequency of training or play. It is often felt as an aching pain and sharp with sudden movements around the inside of the elbow that can also radiate up or down the arm.

Cause: Repetitive gripping of the club and motion around the wrist/elbow in the golf swing. This is a tendonopathy where micro tearing occurs where the tendon meets the bone, inflammation occurs, premature scar builds up, tearing of new granular tissue when stressing tissue before it is completely healed, inflammation occurs and the cycle perpetuates. Shockwave therapy is an aggressive way to break this cycle and help the injury heal.

The therapists at Evolution Sport Therapy are experts in dealing with injuries associated with golf, don’t hesitate to call us to discuss if our treatments can help. Here are some warm ups and stretches that you can do to reduce injuries sustained from golf.

Warm ups and Stretches to prevent your Injuries

Bilateral Swing: Pick up a club and warm up swing with your natural direction continuously for 20 times. Accelerate into your follow through. Next, switch grip so that you are holding the club as if you were swinging the opposite side. So if you are right handed, hold the club as if you were left handed, swing continuously for 20 times accelerating into follow through. This warms up the para spinal muscles on both sides of the lumbar spine and hips .



Kneeling Twist: This stretch does it all! Hip, lower back, mid back and rotator cuff. Kneel onto the ground with one leg forward and one leg back with the golf club behind the neck as shown in the picture, rotate into your front leg using the opposite shoulder and hold stretch 2x for 30 seconds. Switch legs and do the same stretch 2x for 30 seconds. This stretch helps to warm up the muscles of the hip and will help to increase range of motion of the thoracic spine.


Forearm and elbow warm up:

Grab the club in the middle of the shaft and rotate the club in clockwise and counter clockwise direction continuously for 20 times. Switch hands and do the same.







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